Naomi Corrie

Naomi Corrie

“As a conservative and school counselor who supports an increase in STEM and manufacturing jobs, I think supporting the Kigali amendment would be a great move for President Trump. It has the potential to create a lot of great manufacturing jobs.” Naomi Corrie, Council Bluffs, Iowa Former Co-Chair of the Pottawattamie County GOP Former Chair […]

Americans for Tax Reform

“Senate ratification of the Kigali amendment will build on the success of deregulation and tax reform and help ensure the economy continues to grow at strong levels.  This agreement has our support because it will ensure that U.S. manufacturers are able to thrive in the global economy and create more wealth and jobs in America.” […]


“The failure to ratify this amendment could transfer our American advantage to other countries, including China, which have been dumping outdated products into the global marketplace and our backyard.  We urge you to send this amendment to the Senate for its consideration.” Senator John Kennedy (R-LA), Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA), Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), […]

Joe Johnson

“U.S. companies have already invested billions of dollars in research to develop and produce new technologies, and ratification of the Kigali Amendment will help ensure that American firms and workers will supply the world with these important products.” The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Joe Johnson, Executive Director, Federal Regulatory Process Review and Analysis

Paul Nagy

“President Donald Trump loves to see American industry win. It’s one of the main reasons I backed him so proudly during the primary. By sending the Kigali Amendment to the Senate for ratification, our President can create American jobs and protect American workers and consumers.” Paul Nagy, East Andover, New Hampshire Prominent Activist for Conservative […]

Michigan State Senator Joe Hune

“Maybe not even one American in 100 could tell you what the Kigali amendment means, but it’s a smart trade proposal that will lead to more American manufacturing jobs, and less cheating by China. I’m all for it and I hope our leaders in Washington, like President Trump, are all for it too.” Michigan State […]

South Carolina Representative Chip Huggins

“I support President Trump and his unwavering commitment to putting American workers first. Adoption of the Kigali amendment will help continue our nation’s leadership in the heating and air industry while creating jobs here in South Carolina and nation-wide.” South Carolina State Representative Chip Huggins (R – Columbia)