Curtis Loftis

Curtis Loftis

“Ratification of the Kigali Amendment will ensure a smooth transition to the next generation technology and will put America in a strong position to continue supplying products that will be in high demand in a global market. Giving our companies advantages over their competitors help America stay the world-wide leader in this industry.” Curtis M. […]

Janelle Lutgen

“I’ve been pleased to see that President Trump is making great progress towards many of the goals he spoke about way back before the Caucuses here in Iowa. One goal he’s had since before his election has been to reignite our domestic manufacturing industry. I believe President Trump putting his support behind the Kigali Amendment […]

Tom Sands

“In today’s global economy, it is important that federal trade agreements are updated to allow new technologies that improve the environment and allows US businesses to better compete in the world market to create more jobs. I believe that the Kigali Amendment will help accomplish these goals.” Tom Sands, President and CEO of the Iowa Taxpayers […]

Mary Donnelly

“We must re-innovate our products, our manufacturing, our own entrepreneur skills from within America.  We have great citizens with fabulous skills unable to get their products out because of cheap throw away products we sell here from other countries. The Kigali Amendment is just the kind of America First trade policy America needs to help […]

Mark Bedenik

“My name is Mark Bedenik, and I am a proud member of the UAW.  American workers need to come first.  Ohio has lost enough jobs – let’s pass Kigali and put Ohioans to work.” Mark Bedenik, Conservative Grassroots Activist, Medina, Ohio

Kurt Bauer

“I support President Trump’s economic agenda and his focus on putting American workers first, and I think Kigali is a good deal because it will create more good-paying manufacturing jobs here, and it will hold China accountable.” Kurt R. Bauer, President & CEO, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce

Jason Lacey

“I have worked in the HVAC&R industry for 15 years and have seen many changes to our industry. I support the Kigali Amendment and I stand with president Trump on holding China accountable and creating good paying jobs right here in the United States of America. Our country is currently in desperate need of skilled labor and the Kigali […]

Pat Kelly

“America has always been the worldwide leader in AC. As the owner of a heating and air conditioning installation company in Pennsylvania, I support Kigali because it makes sure the USA continues to lead the way.“ Pat Kelly, Kelly Air Conditioning & Heating, Philadelphia, PA

Jon McAvoy

“I’ve been working with Republican causes and candidates for quite awhile and one thing that has always stuck out about President Trump is his insistence on building up American manufacturing. I believe supporting the Kigali Amendment would be a great way for him to help achieve this goal.”  Jon McAvoy, Adel, Iowa Executive Committee Member […]

Jeanita McNulty

“I’m a long time supporter of President Trump and I can say he has always made it clear that he wants to increase the amount of manufacturing jobs in America. Supporting the ratification of the Kigali Amendment would continue the President’s record of encouraging new jobs in the manufacturing industry.“ Jeanita McNulty, Blue Grass, Iowa […]