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Let America Lead urges President Trump to send the Kigali Amendment to the Senate for ratification for one simple reason: It puts America first.

The air conditioning industry was born in America.

Ever since the modern air conditioner was invented by Willis Carrier in Buffalo in 1902, America has always led the way in air conditioning. Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) has grown to become an industry that is responsible for over 2.5 million American jobs, including 671,000 manufacturing jobs, and that is responsible for $621 billion in economic output each year.

With the international market for HVACR expected to more than double over the next ten years, ratification of the Kigali Amendment will help ensure that our companies remain the global leaders in cooling with American-made technology in homes and businesses across the globe. U.S exports are estimated to be nearly $5 billion larger with ratification than without. A new economic impact study reveals that Kigali ratification would lead to the creation of as many as 150,000 new jobs, including 33,000 direct manufacturing jobs by 2027 because American companies will be positioned to supply the products that will be in high demand in global markets. And these benefits to the American economy can be realized in a way that is cost-friendly to American consumers.  When increases in energy efficiency and reliability are factored in, studies show that overall consumer costs are likely to decrease.

Chinese firms have been found to be unfairly dumping millions of dollars worth of hydrofluorocarbons into the United States over a period of several years, hurting American workers, the small and large American manufacturing and distributing companies that employ them, and jeopardizing U.S. investment. President Trump has rightly called out this behavior and is working to ensure a level playing field. Ratification of the Kigali Amendment provides President Trump the opportunity to ensure that level playing field for American workers and firms while continuing to address unfair Chinese dumping practices.

President Trump is a negotiator at heart. The Kigali Amendment provides him the opportunity to level the playing field for American workers and the companies that employ them. And given a fair shot, we believe that American workers and innovation will compete and win in a global market. Our companies have invested billions of dollars in research and development of next-generation cooling technology that has already created new jobs. They are eager to hire additional American workers to help meet anticipated global demand. By ratifying this amendment, we can clear the way to let them lead.

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